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Activa Inc. based out of Palo Alto, CA, the USA  with offices in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and India is focussed on building products based on emerging technologies that include Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IIoT, Drones, Mixed Reality, NextGen EV and Energy Products company. Our products are designed to offer Artificial Intelligence-as-a-service, BlockChain-as-a-service and Extended Reality(XR)-as-a-service, which can transform your business processes and reduce costs and increase the efficiency of business processes, generate additional revenue and improve customer satisfaction. Activa’s suite of products can be used in a wide variety of applications in a wide range of scenarios in several industry verticals. 

The 7 Essentials (7E's)

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Artificial Intelligence

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Mixed Reality

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Block Chain

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Internet of Things

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3D Printing



AutoXR™ uses a  combination of AI            and XR technologies with multiple applications ranging from design reviews and  trainings.     The design review feature will enable customers to increase their productivity by reducing the design review time from months to days.



RealXR™  for Real Time Asset Predictive Maintenance is an end-to-end product designed to support customers in discrete or continuous manufacturing industries to undertake predictive maintenance. The product predicts failure of assets using advanced AI algorithms and enables clients to undertake remote assisted maintenance using XR.


AirXR™ enables streaming of data from drones in real time for quick analysis of the data to give instant results as compared to conventional methods. Real time analytics powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can generate actionable intelligence to enable enterprises and security forces to respond to emergencies.


MoveIQ™ is an AI  powered data transfer engine that can convert and transfer data from source to target in the desired formats. Sources can include a wide variety of devices and applications such as IOT sensor data, drones, automated data sources, structured and unstructured data.



ActChain™ is an AI powered enterprise blockchain product that is designed to enable customers deploy and run blockchain applications thereby leveraging the two technologies to preserve the integrity of user data and achieve greater automation of complex business  processes.


BotIQ™ is an AI powered Cognitive process automation product that uses a combination of machine learning and AI algorithms to automate routine and repetitive processes that are followed in companies / institutions / banks enabling them to cut down cycle time, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.


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Supply Chain

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Health Care

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Oil & Gas

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While you are working your hardest on opportunities that will define your career, Activa makes sure your environment provides for you. On day one, you’re part of the family with an amazing swag package. Day-to-day, you’ll enjoy a bright, open layout surrounded by exotic greenery. You will do your best work, and you will work your hardest and there will be plenty to brag about and celebrate.

Central Location

Activa Head Quarters Located at heart of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto , CA. 10+ Locations Worldwide.

Unlimited Vacation

We expect people to take their vacation. As long as you update the calendar and work.

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Stay fit and get to work for less. Our team ranks work life balance as a top benefit of working here.

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Health, Dental, Vision plans for you and your family. This one should go without saying.

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Fully catered breakfast, lunch and dinner with full stocked kitchen.

Great Office

"Look at those high ceilings and is that a ping pong table?" Why yes it is, we like competition.

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Attend talks, conferences, and professional development events that interest you.


We’re committed to building a diverse, inclusive workplace where everyone can bring their best.

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530 Lytton Avenue, 2nd Floor, Palo Alto, CA 94301

EMEA Office : Switzerland - Schindellegi

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APAC Office : India - Hyderabad R&D Center

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